“Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series with Geijer Spirits


by Rusty Pepper
posted on 06-09-2020

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Kicking off our “Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series is Geijer Spirits, a maker of hand crafted spirits.

It all started with a family recipe and a desire to share their glögg liqueur with the world. Before they knew it, they were ready to launch a few more exciting products that eventually became Geijer Spirits.

Their mission is to continue to bring new and exciting products at the intersection between Scandinavia and California – old world traditions blended with new world flavors.


Geijer Glögg Liqueur – The spirit that started it all. Our loved Glögg Liqueur has found its way into numerous cocktails across the states. 1889, the world’s first glögg liqueur, is based on a generations-old Swedish family recipe. The spicy-sweet notes of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon rounded out with a hint of almond and bitter orange makes 1889 an exciting drink component. 1889 can be used as a high quality falernum or as a fresh substitute for vermouth in classic cocktails.

California Aqua Vitae – A blend of traditional Scandinavian botanicals and California sunshine. This savory spirit stands well on its own – but could be used as a solid backbone for creative cocktails. The caraway, fennel and dill serve many modifiers well and the orange peel, ginger and sage brighten the traditional spices – dare we say a California fusion spirit!

California Fernet – A dry and grassy Fernet that slaps you in the face – in a good way. Our Fernet will make its mark on the current amari landscape. It is rich and complex, yet not overpowering. It is grassier and has less sugar than other Fernets on the market, and its 21 roots, herbs and spices are playfully balanced for the drinker.

California Orange Liqueur – A Bold, full-flavored orange spirit. The orange flavor is unmistakable and the bitter orange peel creates a deeper, more complex Orange Liqueur that is balanced by pure vanilla bean. An exciting alternative to traditional orange cocktail modifiers that makes you think of British orange marmalade with rinds.

California Spiced Liqueur – A pleasantly funky liqueur inspired by easy living. This Allspice dram inspired liqueur carries the funky notes of an Agricole style rum while putting forth the spicy notes of an Pimento liqueur with Tiki friendly spices. Our spiced liqueur plays very nicely with most base spirits and the 80 proof helps it to stand up in boozier cocktails while still providing a strong spice note.

California Falernum – A domestic falernum with a California made Jamaican style rum as base. Another funky expression where the proprietary Jamaican style rum brings depth and harmony to the final product while maintaining the lime and allspice notes that are expected from Falernums. This expression is a hand-crafted high quality falernum that will not only work in your classic Tiki cocktails – it will also work as a base and modifier in all kinds of cocktails.


Web: www.geijerspirits.com
Instagram: @geijerspirits
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/geijer-glogg-inc-/