“Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series – FULLBAR


by Rusty Pepper
posted on 06-15-2020

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This week on “Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series we are talking with Eric Franco from FULLBAR the easy-to-make cocktails kits that have quickly become a consumer favorite!

With FULLBAR, you have the freedom to choose because you call the shots… how much to pour, the level of sweetness, the amount of bitter, and even the garnish. It’s up to you. The way it should be. They are always ready & super easy to make ensuring you always have a perfectly balanced and delicious cocktail. Rather than aging for months in a single can,

FULLBAR spirits and mixers are separated until the moment of cocktail conception.


‘MERICAN WHISKEY – Made from our proprietary recipe, FULLBAR Whiskey is crafted in the American tradition. Not overly spicy or sweet, it’s perfect over ice, sipped neat, or mixed into your favorite whiskey cocktail.

  • Color: Light Amber Nose: A balance of grain, cream, and fruit with hints of chocolate and espresso. Taste: Subtle corn sweetness at the top with cream notes through the body. Finish: A layered medium-length finish with syrup flavors followed by creamy chocolate then rye.

ARTISAN GIN – FULLBAR Gin balances juniper with a distinctly floral finish. For a premium gin and tonic experience, mix with our own FULLBAR Tonic Water.

  • Color: Clear Nose: Juniper and botanicals followed by herbal root, sweet orange, and lime zest. Taste: Juniper pine, sweet cream and coriander with a clean citrus mouthfeel. Finish: Fresh citrus and pine.

PREMIUM VODKA – Refreshing with a hint of sweetness, FULLBAR Vodka is perfect over ice or as the base for the cocktail of your choice. Pairs beautifully with our Ginger Mule mixer. Color: Clear Nose: Neutral with hints of cream and citrus.

  • Taste: Full mouthfeel with a touch of cream and sweetness on the palate. Finish: Short and sweet.

BLANCO TEQUILA – Crisp and invitingly smooth, FULLBAR Tequila is ideal for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as part of any premium tequila drink. Goes hand in hand with our Classic Margarita mixer.

  • Color: Clear Nose: Cooked agave along with subtle notes of peppercorn and vanilla bean. Taste: Crisp sweet palette with flavors of oak, vanilla, and peppercorn. Tropical fruit and caramel combine for a silky mouthfeel. Finish: Smooth and rich with a background of agave and lingering spice.

CARIBBEAN RUM – We partnered with a West Indie master blender to create our signature FULLBAR Rum. Enjoy over ice, in your cola, or as the backbone of a FULLBAR Island Punch.

  • Color: Clear Nose: Fresh green cane, reeds, and sweet molasses. Taste: Rich mouthfeel with notes of molasses, tropical fruit, and vanilla bean. Finish: Light with tropical fruit and spices. Chocolate notes when poured over ice.


GINGER MULE – Not shy with the lime and ginger, FULLBAR Ginger Mule is as distinct as it is unforgettable. Fill your cup with ice, mix with FULLBAR Vodka, and be hooked for life.

  • Featured Cocktail Ginger Mule + Premium Vodka = Moscow Mule

TONIC WATER – The role of a premium tonic can’t be overlooked. Crisp effervescence with subtle citrus bite, FULLBAR Tonic takes any spirit to the next level. Pairs deliciously with FULLBAR Vodka or Gin.

  • Featured Cocktail Tonic Water + Artisan Gin = Gin & Tonic

CLASSIC MARGARITA – Bold citrus notes combine with the right amount of sweetness to make our margarita recipe an instant classic. Pair with FULLBAR Tequila and be sure to invite a few friends to the party.

  • Featured Cocktail Classic Margarita Mixer + Blanco Tequila = Margarita

SODA WATER – Clean, crisp, and calorie free. FULLBAR Soda Water is delicious on its own, over ice, or mixed with your favorite spirit.

  • Featured Cocktail Soda Water + American Whiskey = Whiskey Soda

ISLAND PUNCH – Inspired by the Caribbean, FULLBAR Island Punch balances tropical fruits with a welcoming dose of citrus. Notes of guava, mango, and passionfruit make it the ideal FULLBAR Rum companion.

  • Featured Cocktail Island Punch + Caribbean Rum = Rum Punch