“MARKET MAKERS” Pat Hoffman from Lonely Oak Distillery


by Rusty Pepper
posted on 03-13-2020

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GUEST: Pat Hoffman, Co-founder of Lonely Oak Distillery in Earling Iowa

On this episode of Market Makers, we sit down with Pat Hoffman who co-founded Lonely Oak Distillery with his wife Amy. Lonely Oak is a micro-distillery located in the hear of Shelby County, Iowa. Their dedication to producing premium spirits is represented in each batch; from tilling the soil, planting the seed, grain selection, distillation, maturation, and finally, bottling. Craft is everything at Lonely Oak, and it shows.

Steeple Ridge Bourbon Whiskey:  Premium small batch bourbon will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey.  Craft is everything, and it shows. Each batch is carefully produced, polished, and matured in charred wooden barrels. Taste the notes of vanilla, cherry, and just a touch of nuttiness to round out the flavor.  Every bottle is hand signed with a batch and bottle number; there are no two alike.  Steeple Ridge Bourbon takes its name from the site of our on-farm distillery. Atop a high ridge, you can see the steeples of three churches; the view alone is enough to turn water into whiskey. 

North Forty Vodka:  Smooth and light, and can hold its own neat, or blossom as an addition to any cocktail. It is a true, premium craft-distilled vodka from start to finish.  In 1833 homesteaders began settling the Iowa prairie. Each received a quarter section of land to start their new lives on the frontier.  The 160 acres were usually separated into 40-acre parcels; the Northern most was referred to as the “North Forty”. 

From Left to Right: North Forty Peach, North Forty Vodka, North Forty Raspberry, & North Forty Vanilla.