“MARKET MAKERS” Ian MacNeil from Glass Vodka


by Rusty Pepper
posted on 03-19-2020

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GUEST: Ian MacNeil, Founder of Glass Vodka

On this episode of Market Makers, we sit down with Ian MacNeil the founder of Glass Vodka about how his distillery went from producing Premium Vodka’s to producing hand cleaner and giving it away for free to help businesses and individuals in the Pacific NW who are unable to find sanitizer because of the nationwide shortage due to the COVID-19 crisis!

Here’s a bit more information about Glass Vodka…

In 2012, Ian launched Glass Distillery to introduce his flagship spirit, Glass Vodka, to the public. His goal was to create a vodka that was pure, smooth and artfully crafted, with a deep appreciation for the environment from which it was born.

Glass Vodka is distilled from grapes which gives this classic spirit a modern and personal distinction. These grapes are harvested from the rich soils of the Pacific Northwest—one of the world’s premier wine making regions.

Sure, grape-based vodka is a little uncommon. It’s even a bit risky. But it is a successful venture. The natural tastes that stem from the grapes and the soil impart distinctive nuances only found in superior Vodkas. The varying notes are savored by spirits aficionados, well-defined to a connoisseur, pleasingly unexpected to the casual drinker, and mindfully delivers an unforgettably refined finish. In the end, it is just a drink. But it is conceived with passion, irreverence, and a love of new experiences. It is a drink that celebrates and elevates art, beauty and life itself.

Glass Vodka: Beginning with a lightly floral nose and highlighting initial honeysuckle and citrus notes, Glass Vodka has an unforgettably silky smooth mid-palate with a cool and clean finish. Distilled in Seattle using Washington-grown wine grapes.

Glass Kona: Award-winning sipping vodka infused with cold-brewed Keala Hapuna coffee. Begins with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. Rich texture of a freshly-pulled espresso shot; finishes with smoky vanilla and toasted caramel notes. Hand crafted without any sweeteners for coffee lovers with discerning palates.

Glass Nectar: Award-winning Glass Vodka infused with hand gathered honey. Every honey harvest is unique, creating vintage bottlings with each batch. Delicately sweet with a lightly floral nose. Hand crafted for sophisticated palates.

Glass Spice: Award-winning Glass Vodka infused with pure Ceylon Cinnamon exclusively from Sri Lanka. Rich Cognac color with the delicate flavor of dry vanilla, warm floral notes with hints of heat and honeyed fruit. Hand crafted for discerning aficionados.

Gridiron Vodka: SIP Northwest Magazine’s “Best Vodka of the Pacific Northwest.” Blending of Washington wine grapes and California organic wheat. Clean and smooth. The warmth and taste of traditional vodka with the elegance of a wine grape base. Hand crafted for vodka connoisseurs.