Job-listings for Those Affected by Coronavirus


by Rusty Pepper
posted on 03-31-2020

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According to the Fed, Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million workers and we all need to help each other out. The best way to do that is to leverage our personal networks to find job opportunities for those looking for work.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving multiple messages each day from former employees, co-workers, colleagues, and clients who have already been let go from their jobs. These are incredibly successful professionals who were crushing it before the pandemic hit the United States… and now they are looking for work! One of my former employees who is a single mother of 3-boys, just moved into her dream home in January and was a top producer for her company the past two years. These are crazy stories and we need to find ways to find these people jobs.

At Promogo we provide app-based software for tasting and sampling events, so clearly with all of the events getting cancelled we’re not in a position to hire any one. But, we are in a position to leverage our network of business leaders, recruiters, family, and friends to share any sales, business development, and marketing job opportunities. So, we created a Google Sheet that can be edited by any company or person who is currently hiring for sales, business development, or marketing positions.

Here’s the link and please share it with your friends and colleagues because together we can all make a difference! Thanks everyone and please stay safe & healthy!

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