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Bring more transparency and visibility in your network

Start-to-Finish Connectivity

Promogo's data pipeline brings all of your supplier network's live-streaming recap data from the talent app, through the agency portal, directly to your Distributor CRM in real time


Nationwide Data Consistency

Open-use agency software and the accompanying talent app provide uniform data capture across the nation, regardless of agencies used.


Standardized Event KPI's

With an established format for data input, all data output is uniform and comparable, allowing for analysis of key company metrics to determine success.

Higher Quality Events

Account Tracking / Budgets

Easily filter by key accounts to view historical spend and spending forecasts across individual suppliers, venues and territories, with cost pass-through capability.


Date, Time, & GPS Tracking

From Selfie Check-InTM to Selfie Check-Out, our app allows for real time data tracking on all parties and event activities based on their unique click actions.

Universal Data Capture

State-by-State regulations may vary - the software you use shouldn't have to.

UPC Level Database

UPC-specific products are managed centrally and available to any agency when granted access, allowing for instant nationwide consistency.

Instant Insights

Analytics on-demand, with the tools to dive deep into the data that matters most to your organization's key stakeholders.

Relationship Management

Vendor Management

With one-click, easily invite agencies and suppliers to join the Promogo network for free. Data retention at the organizational level simplifies making new connections. 


Personnel Management

Manage your entire team at local, regional, and national levels by combining built-in team permissions with hierarchical data access.

Salesforce API Available     

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Completed Events Count
Upcoming Events Count
Event Count by Period, Day of Week
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Audit Trail
Customer Count M/F
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Buyer Count M/F
Avg. Age
Avg. Sampler Age
Avg. Buyer Age
Total Samples Per Product
Total Samples Per Venue
Units Sold by Brand/Event (Off Premise)
Talent Costs (All Time)
Event Creation (Single)
Invoicing Data by Venue
Invoicing Data by Event
Talent Costs (all time)
Talent Costs (dynamic filtering)
Avg Sales Per Event (Top 20 Talent)
Avg Sales Per Event (All Talent)
Top BA's By City, State
Top BAs By Venue (Dynamic)
Top BAs By Time of Day, Day of Week
Avg. Purchases / Samples Per Event By Territory
Avg. Purchase/Samples Per Event By Venue
Avg. Purchase/Samples Per Event By Day of Week
Avg. Purchase/Samples Per Event By Time of Day
Avg. Sampling and Sales Rate Per Territory, State
Avg. Sampling and Sales Rate Per Venue
Avg. Sampling and Sales Rate Per User
Talent Spend Per Venue
Product Spend Per Venue
Top Talent Use Per Venue

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