Rusty Pepper

Rusty Pepper

“Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series – Avuá Cachaça

On this episode of “Market Makers” we sit down with Pete Nevonglosky to learn about (and taste) their Avuá Cachaça. Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice and is the most popular distilled spirit in Brazil and the 3rd most consumed spirit in the world!

Pete explained how it all started for him and his partners at Drifter Spirits and what makes their Avuá Cachaça so special. He also shared with me that the way that they produce it is sustainable and traditional using a waterwheel to press, then gravity to transition, and finally they use remnants of the cane to fire the still. Clearly, they are doing things the right way and the final product is incredible!

“Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series – FEW Spirits

This week on “Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series we are sitting down with Paul Hletko from FEW Spirits to try their award winning Cold Cut Bourbon Whiskey.

FEW Cold Cut Bourbon is remarkably well balanced and smooth tasting bourbon considering the depth of flavors. Starting off with cask strength FEW bourbon is mashed, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled at the FEW distillery before being cut to proof with cold-brew coffee. Using cold brew instead of hot coffee makes for a smoother taste, which is just fantastic, but not overpowering!

“Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series – Garrison Brothers Balmorhea

This week on “Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series we are talking with Dan Garrison and Emma Kahn from Garrison Brothers the first and oldest legal whiskey distillery in Texas.  During our time together we talked about Dan’s background and how it lead him to starting Garrison Brothers, the unique qualities of it’s bourbon whiskey, how …

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“Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series with Geijer Spirits

Kicking off our “Market Makers” Summer Tasting Series is Geijer Spirits, a maker of hand crafted spirits.

It all started with a family recipe and a desire to share their glögg liqueur with the world. Before they knew it, they were ready to launch a few more exciting products that eventually became Geijer Spirits.

Their mission is to continue to bring new and exciting products at the intersection between Scandinavia and California – old world traditions blended with new world flavors.

“Market Makers” Scott Bolin from Next Century Spirits

On this episode of “Market Makers” we sit down with Scott Bolin the CEO of Next Century Spirits to talk about how they’re blending tradition with science to create premium, cost-effective distilled spirits. It’s a fascinating look into how patented technology can blend innovation with tradition to craft one-of-a-kind spirits and wine! GUEST: Scott Bolin …

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“Market Makers” Chris Fredrickson from Traverse City Whiskey Co.

On this episode of “Market Makers” we talk with Chris Fredrickson who is one of the Co-founders of Traverse City Whiskey. During our time together, Chris shared the history of Traverse City Whiskey and how it started when we discovered distilling patents that his great grandfather had patented during the U.S. Prohibition Era and shared it with his other co-founders Jared Rapp and Moti Goldring.