Software Solutions for Agencies

Reduce time spent on admin, communication, and reporting.

Streamlined Event Management

Tools to improve it all, from planning to execution, reporting and beyond!

48 & 4 Hour Event Check Ins

At 48 and 4 hours before each event, talent receive automated notifications to confirm they still plan to work. No more calling or guessing, rest at ease.


Live Streaming Recap Data

Monitor each click on your talent’s phone in real-time as an event unfolds, capturing samples & sales as well as customer & product photos that are taken.

Recap Chasing & Approval Flow

Push Notifications remind talent to submit recaps so you can quickly review and approve them before invoicing your clients.


Simplified Talent Management

Keep track of all talent information in one user-friendly and intuitive location.

Talent can easily manage their profile information, send documents, and sign agreements directly in the app

Agencies can review, approve, and manage all submitted documents electronically, storing them all in one place.


Organized Payment and Billing

Check expenses, approve recaps, submit invoices and pay talent faster than ever before!

Automated Client Invoicing

Automatically gather and organize billings for talent, product purchase reimbursements, travel, and more for each event, then invoice the client with one click.


Automated Talent Payouts

Keep track of all talent earnings in your agency dashboard, then send payouts through the platform directly to their bank accounts.


Secure Your Business


Establish a Relationship


Share your agency code


Approve to connect

Our system is built on pre-existing relationships. Talent and clients can only connect using a unique agency code which can only be provided through direct communication.


Choose Your Plan

With all of the listed features comes reporting to back it all up. Key information about your talent pool, clients, finances, and event statistics are all front and center, offering more powerful options as your plan scales.


network access

  • Join Our Agency Network

  • Promogo Lite users have access to all of the technological tools available to Promogo Basic users, but can only connect to Promogo suppliers and distributors on a paid plan.


per shift

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Talents
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Date/Time/GPS Photos
  • Mobile App Recapping
  • Event Templates
  • Automated Talent Booking


Contact Us for Pricing

  • Everything in PRO +
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Payouts Integration
  • Prepaid Card Integration
  • Shipping Integration
  • Event Audit Trail
iOS Recap Checklist
Android Recap Checklist
Selfie Check In / Out
Date/Time/GPS Photos
48/4 Hr. Check-In Notifications
Failed Check-In Alerts
Recap Chasing (Push Notes)
48/4 Hr. Check-In (SMS)
Recap Chasing (SMS)
Edit User Permissions
Secure Talent App Connection
Approved Talents
Secure Client Connection Paid All All
Manual Talent Booking
Event Creation (Single)
Client Templates Available
Automated Talent Booking
Live Events Module
Bulk Event Upload (CSV)
List View
Sheet View
Calendar View
Map View
Audit Trail
Driver's License
State Documents
Expiration Notifications
1 Paperless Contract
2 Paperless Contracts
Manual Invoice Tracking
Promogo PDF Invoicing
Quickbooks Integration
Custom Accounting Integration + Fee
Manual Payout Tracking
Advanced Payouts Tab
ACH Payouts + Fee
W-9 Form Integration + Fee
End of Year 1099's + Fee
Manual Upload
Talent App Upload
ComData Integration + Fee
Ship Station API + Fee

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